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Victor Garcia, PhD, and Angela Wahl, PhD

Victor Garcia, PhD, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, and Angela Wahl, PhD, assistant professor, talked with FOX 8 News about the antiviral drug EIDD-2801, which could be the standard way to treat COVID-19, possibly within the next few months.

Prior to the pandemic, Garcia and Wahl were working on a new model to study how viruses and bacteria take aim at our respiratory systems.

“When we heard about the new coronavirus that was being reported in China, we immediately saw the opportunity to move our efforts toward the new virus,” Garcia explained in the news story. “And then we were able to ask questions about what type of drugs might be effective. This one is the one that hit the home run.”

The drug EIDD-2801 was originally developed a few years back to treat the flu but was never approved to do so. Researchers have been testing it on human lung tissue they’ve implanted in mice.

“So what the drug did is that it dramatically reduces the amount of virus that can grow in the piece of the human lung,” said Garcia. “Those numbers were extremely powerful, and they were equally positive whether the drug was administered prior to infection or it was administered after infection.”

Watch and read the FOX 8 news story here.