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Credit: VOICE Open Call

There are many social, ethical, and legal challenges associated with obtaining consent for young people to participate in HIV research studies. As a result, youth are often excluded from HIV research, resulting in data gaps.

Suzanne Day, PhD, MA, and Joe Tucker, MD, from the division of infectious diseases, are seeking to address this gap and encourage participation in a crowdsourcing effort designed to improve consent to HIV research participation among youth in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

In partnership with the adolescent HIV research consortium PATC3H, the VOICE Open Call initiative seeks ideas for how informed consent processes can be improved for young people in HIV research.

“We think this will be of interest to faculty who do research in LMICs and/or have networks in LMICs to whom they could pass this on. But, anyone who lives or works in an LMIC is invited to participate in the open call,” Day said.

Suzanne Day, PhD, MA, and Joe Tucker, MD, PhD

Submissions are invited from young people, parents of young people, HIV researchers, HIV advocates, ethicists, and community organizers. Ideas can be submitted on the VOICE Open Call website. Or, submissions can be emailed to:

The submission deadline is October 15.