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silvia-kredeaSilvia M. Kreda, PhD, in the Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine, and Lawrence Ostrowski, PhD, with UNC School of Medicine, received an Eshelman Institute for Innovation Award.

The $350,000 grant will allow Drs. Kreda and Ostrowski to study a novel therapeutic strategy to correct some of the genetic mutations that cause Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD). PCD, a rare disabling genetic disease, occurs when the microscopic organelles (cilia) in the respiratory system are not functioning properly. If the cilia are not functioning properly, they can not clear mucous from the lungs, paranasal sinuses, and/or middle ears. If bacteria and other irritants remain in the mucous, it can lead to frequent respiratory infections. Currently, there are no therapies available. Their project, titled “Therapeutic Oligonucleotides to Correct Splicing Defects Causing Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia,” will be taking place over two years. If successful, it could be the first therapy for PCD patients.

Other members in the team are Drs. Margaret Leigh, Maimoona Zariwala, and Adriana Beltran.