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Medicine Grand Rounds, Eric Klett, “Dietary Fat — Impact on the Development of Chronic Metabolic Diseases”

December 7, 2017

Consumption of dietary fat has been the focus of debate for more than 50 years. Ancel Keys’ diet-heart hypothesis changed the way Americans eat and as a result has left us with significant unintended consequences. Dr. Klett will review the history of the diet-heart hypothesis, the recently discovered unpublished data refuting the diet-heart hypothesis, and … Continued

Consult Service gets Ventilator Dependent Patients on the ROAD

December 6, 2017

Dr. Thomas Bice has received the Physician of the Year Award by the North Carolina Society for Respiratory Care. The award recognizes his efforts to coordinate the ROAD (Respiratory Optimization and Assistance for Discharge) Team at UNC Medical Center.

Medicine Grand Rounds, Joseph Rossi and William Powers, “PFO Closure to Reduce Stroke Risk — How Compelling Is the Evidence?”

November 30, 2017

Recent clinical trials have investigated the efficacy of mechanical closure of patent foramen ovale (PFO) for prevention of recurrent stroke. We will review the epidemiological evidence linking PFO and stroke, the methodology and results of clinical trials of secondary stroke prevention in patients with PFO, and the techniques for mechanical closure of PFO. William J. … Continued

Pediatric Kidney Trial Combines a Simple Diet with Moments of Magic

November 27, 2017

Disney is a place to make wishes and memories, not necessarily the place to go on a diet. But what if it could change a child’s life? That’s what researchers are hoping to learn. Two-year-old Nadiya Dockery with nephrotic syndrome was one of 20 children who participated in a grand medical experiment at Disney Resorts in August, joined by her mom Kaley Williams of Sanford, NC.