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McAllister Heart Institute Seminar Series: Francis Miller, MD, Role of Smooth Muscle Cell NADPH Oxidase in Vascular Disease

November 21, 2017

Speaker: Francis J. Miller, MD, Professor of Medicine, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiology, Duke University School of MedicineTopic: Role of Smooth Muscle Cell NADPH Oxidase in Vascular Disease Information from Dr. Miller on his lecture:The primary goal of my research program is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to the … Continued

Medicine Grand Rounds, Stacy Wood “Medicine + Marketing: The New Role of Consumer Theory in Patient-Centric Care”

November 16, 2017

As the healthcare environment changes, patients increasingly see more personal control in their choice of doctors, therapies, and systems of care. From new models of tele-health to the ubiquitous direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads on TV, patients are shifting to a “customer mind-set” when they make health decisions and this has sweeping ramifications for healthcare providers. In … Continued

New study aims to reduce opioid use while managing chronic pain

November 14, 2017

A principal investigator of the study is UNC’s Dr. Paul Chelminski, from the division of general medicine and clinical epidemiology, who has extensive experience studying best practices of prescribing and managing long-term opioid use.

Lupus Patients Now Have the Option to Administer Benlysta at Home

November 9, 2017

Lupus patients who previously needed to visit an infusion center to receive the drug Benlysta, now have the option to administer the medicine themselves at home using a novel “auto-injector” device, thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Saira Sheikh, a UNC rheumatologist and allergist/immunologist who directs the lupus and clinical trials programs at the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center.

Medicine Grand Rounds, Roy Williams, “Leadership”

November 9, 2017

Roy Williams is entering his 15th season as head coach of the Tar Heels. He has achieved great success on the court, winning his third NCAA title in 2017, appearing in nine Final Fours (five with UNC) and earning eight Atlantic Coast Conference regular-season titles. Even greater is the impact he makes on the lives … Continued

Defining the Burden of Hepatitis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

November 9, 2017

Hepatitis C virus is a curable infectious disease, but treatment remains unavailable in resource-limited settings like the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The DRC Ministry of Health asked the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) to help determine the burden of infection and find a way to connect people infected with the virus to treatment. Using laboratory equipment readily available in developing countries, researchers from UNC and Abbott Diagnostics were able to define and map the burden of disease in the DRC. Their findings were published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.