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Top Row: Lee Berkowitz, MD; Jared Lowe, MD; Debra Bynum, MD, MMEL, FACP; Laura Loehr, MD, PhD, MS; Darren DeWalt, MD, MPH; David Lynch, MD; Karen Kimel-Scott, MD; Russell Coletti, MD, MPH. Bottom Row: Cristin Colford, MD, FACP; Maureen C. Dale, MD; Shana Ratner, MD, FACP; Hannah Coletti, MD, MPH; Katherine Allen, MD; Katherine Gill, MD; De-Vaughn (Monty) Williams, MD.

The success of a residency program rests on the shoulders of its distinguished chief residents.

Chief residents—selected from the top of the class—are role models of leadership and professionalism. They are not only in charge of carrying out administrative duties and managing clinical responsibilities as faculty physicians, but they also serve as teachers, mentors, advocates, and advisors to each and every resident within the Department of Medicine.

A significant portion of our faculty in General and Geriatric Medicine Divisions within the Department of Medicine have previously served as chief residents and are now serving as stellar physicians throughout the community.

The number of former chiefs in the Department of Medicine not only demonstrates the academic and administrative prowess of our primary care physicians but also highlights the unique ability that UNC has to attract and retain the best of the best. These individuals represent the former chief residents in just two of our twelve divisions.

Division of Geriatric Medicine:

Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology: