Dr. Deb Bynum presented the Golden Boots Award, virtually, to Dr. Max Hockenbury.

Following is a list of 2020 award recipients who engender the shared and treasured spirit of the department of medicine, presented at the annual resident awards ceremony, June 22, 2020.


Chairman’s Award

Given in recognition of scholarly excellence, creativity and for exceptional dedication to the mission of the department of medicine.

  • Max Diddams, MD


Dr. Jennifer McEntee presented Dr. Kim Kylstra with the Faculty Outpatient (MedPeds) Award.

Ney Berkowitz Award

Presented to a Senior Resident whose qualities exemplify the standards set by Dr. Robert L. Ney as a person and physician. Dr. Ney served as Department Chair from 1972-1980. The award recognizes a commitment to academic excellence, a compassionate approach to patients, and, most of all, and an inspirational effect on others.

  • Grayson Eubanks, MD

Golden Boots Award

Given by a senior resident in Internal Medicine to the junior resident who by her/his example demonstrates superior clinical judgment

  • Max Hockenbury, MD


Dr. Ria Dancel received the Faculty Inpatient Award.

Fischer Teaching Award

Dr. Janet Fischer was the first woman in the department of medicine, known for her dedication to teaching and medical education, and a commitment to medical students.

  • PGY1: Ahad Abid, MD
  • PGY2: Katie Allen, MD
  • PGY3: Jonathan Sorah, MD
  • PGY4: Erin Finn, MD




Dr. Karen Kimel-Scott presented the Faculty Outpatient Award to Dr. Christine Gladman.

Bryan Award

This award recognizes a resident whose performance in clinic embodies the example set by Dr. James Bryan, showing clinical excellence, positivity, fierce patient ownership, selflessness, and a sense of a higher purpose.

  • Resident: Bola Mufuka, MD
  • Faculty Outpatient: Christine Gladman, MD
  • Fellow Award: Nathaniel Warner, MD
  • Faculty (Outpatient): MedPeds: Kim Kylstra, MD
  • Faculty (Inpatient): Ria Dancel, MD


Dr. Bynum recognized Dr. Tony Mazella, who was overwhelmingly voted to receive the Fellow Award.

Fellow Award from the Internal Medicine Residency

Presented by the housestaff to a fellow who is a great educator and a positive role model to the Internal Medicine residents.

  • Tony Mazella, MD


Off Service Intern Award

  • Arianna Cook, MD


Ontjes Award

Presented to an Intern whose performance best exemplifies the standards set by Dr. David A. Ontjes, including scholarly excellence and a commitment to the service of others. Dr. Ontjes was Department Chair from 1981-1989.

  • Aaron Fried, MD


Dr. Alex Duncan presented the Bondurant-Ehringhaus Award.

Farmer Award

Given to an intern or resident who exhibits compassion to patients and good bedside manner.

  • Upper Level: Monty Williams, MD
  • Intern: Casey Birschbach, MD


Bondurant-Ehringhaus Award

Presented to residents for research accomplishments, given by Dr. Stuart Bondurant and his wife Susan Ehringhaus. Dr. Bondurant served as Dean of the School of Medicine from 1979-1994.

  • Mason Sanders, MD