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Many outstanding residents and faculty have been recognized for their clinical and academic excellence, honoring the legacies of those who preceded them. Following is a list of 2018 award recipients who engender the shared and treasured spirit of Medicine.

James Bryan, MD, and Danielle File, MD
Sydney Blount, MD, received the Golden Boots Award

Recipients of the 2018 Annual Medicine Awards are listed below.

Bondurant Ehringhaus Award

Presented to residents for research accomplishments, given by Dr. Stuart Bondurant and his wife Susan Ehringhaus. Dr. Bondurant served as Dean of the School of Medicine from 1979-1994.Bondurant Ehringhaus Award

  • Matt McCravy, MD

Ney Award

Presented to a Senior Resident whose qualities exemplify the standards set by Dr. Robert L. Ney as a person and physician. Dr. Ney served as Department Chair from 1972-1980. The award recognizes a commitment to academic excellence, a compassionate approach to patients, and, most of all, and an inspirational effect on others.

  • Patrick Dale, MD

Ontjes Award

Presented to an Intern whose performance best exemplifies the standards set by Dr. David A. Ontjes, including scholarly excellence and a commitment to the service of others. Dr. Ontjes was Department Chair from 1981-1989.

  • Klara Klein, MD, PhD

Farmer Award

Given to an Intern or Resident who exhibits compassion to patients and good bedside manner.

  • Krishna Aluri, MD

Bryan Award

Recognizes a resident whose performance in clinic embodies the example set by Dr. James A. Bryan, II: clinical excellence, positivity, fierce patient ownership, selflessness, and a sense of the higher purpose.

  • Danielle File, MD

Wake Med Award Resident Teaching AwardJeremy Sorkin, MD, Receives Fellow's Award

For outstanding contributions to the medical knowledge of residents.

  • Sonya Patel-Nguyen, MD

Fisher Award

  • Seth Bernstein, MD
  • Sydney Greenberg, MD

Fellow’s Award

Presented, by the housestaff, to a fellow who is a great educator and a positive role model to the Internal Medicine residents.

  • Jeremy Sorkin, MD

Faculty Award

Given in recognition and appreciation of an outstanding educational contribution to the residents and interns.

Maureen Dale, MD, Receives Faculty Award
Residents presented Dr. Maureen Dale with the Faculty Award.
  • Maureen Dale, MD

Golden Boots

Given by a senior resident in Internal Medicine to the junior resident who by her/his example demonstrates superior clinical judgment.

  • Sydney Blount, MD

Chairman’s Award

Given in recognition of scholarly excellence, creativity and for exceptional dedication to the mission of the Department of Medicine.

  • Alyssa Tilly, MD