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Welcome to the UNC Adult Asthma Program!

The overall objective of this program is to improve quality of life for adults impacted by asthma, the most common lung disease in the USA. We aim to help each patient with asthma:

  1. Enjoy life with minimal to no symptoms
  2. Maintain good lung function
  3. Develop an asthma action plan that manages exacerbations without requiring emergency room care

We hope to accomplish these aims through educational resources (videos, self-assessment quizzes) in conjunction with in-person or tele-visit consultations with asthma specialists in the Department of Medicine. For patients with severe asthma, we provide access to FDA-approved targeted biological therapies and clinical trials of new therapies under investigation. Our asthma program maintains close ties with the Marsico Lung Institute, where state-of-the art research is conducted daily to better understand the underlying biological pathways responsible for the development of asthma and other lung diseases so that new treatments can be developed.