Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH

Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH, assistant professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, was interviewed by the Charlotte Observer regarding the use of arthritis drug toxilizumab in treating COVID-19 and a case report that indicates “clear evidence of clinical improvement” is limited.

This study “made us rethink our use of the drug,” says Parr in the news story. “Much of the medical literature we’re using to base our clinical decisions on is rapidly evolving. All of us clinicians are hungry for evidence to guide our decision making. What we really need are randomized controlled trials.”

The article also references a Cone Health study that used a different approach and showed the drug does offer benefits. Parr said “the two studies could not be compared because they have very different designs.”

Other authors from the department of medicine include Shannon Carson, MD, Billy Fischer, MD, Joseph Eron, MD, and Cynthia Gay, MD. Read the abstract here.