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Dr. Benjamin Sines and Dr. Kenton Dover.

On May 16, the outgoing chief residents presented the annual year in review, discussing projects they had worked on throughout the year. They also presented three “resident nominated and voted upon” awards.

Dr. Benjamin Sines presented the fellow award to Dr. Kenton Dover, who was described as incredibly intelligent, patient, a great educator, and always an advocate for residents in the MICU.

Dr. Alison Raybould presented the inpatient faculty award to Dr. Thelsa Weickert.

“This person has shown a fierce commitment to our trainees with a passion for teaching that few other attendings possess,” said Raybould.  “She’s always willing to help out with mentoring, teaching and career advice. She’s one of the reasons I decided to go into cardiology.”

Dr. Alison Raybould with Dr. Thelsa Weickert.

Dr. Grace Prince presented the outpatient faculty award to Dr. Marco Alemán. “In the words of our residents, this physician embodies all that it means to be a great educator and excellent primary care provider. His passion for medicine and his patients is inspiring, and he remains committed to training the next generation of physicians.”

Chief resident lectures followed. Prince, who has had a continued interest in the arts and humanities, discussed a novel humanities curriculum she has developed to promote a higher level clinical reasoning at medicine morning report. Colletti and Robey discussed a professional development curriculum for residents. Sines and Raybould discussed the optimal team structure on residency teaching services.

Find the recorded lecture here: