An important part of the MED process is the feedback; we aim to improve the program year to year based on student evaluations. Here are some testimonials from MED students from the 2014 summer on their experiences.

Aduba, Chinazo

Chinazo Aduba

“MED was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since deciding to pursue medicine. It really challenges you to push yourself through adversity and to continually develop several skills, even those not wholly medically related. I sing MED praises everywhere I go because I know that my own experience was one that can benefit many similar non-traditional career changing applicants. MED staff and TA’s were awesome and it really shows that they want you to be successful by the tools they provide to enrich your learning in the program. If anyone is considering applying for MED, I fully encourage them to do so because they will not regret it.”

Echeverria, Jonathan

Jonathan Echeverria

“MED was an unforgettable experience. It gave me a taste of the hard work and dedication required to succeed in medical school. It allows you to decide whether medicine is the route you want to take. The TAs and my fellow peers were a great source of inspiration. There was nothing more motivating than being in those scholarly trenches with 82 other people with the same goal.”

Nazif, Kutaiba

Kutaiba Nazif

“I was fortunately accepted into med school during my time at MED. I can tell you now looking back that the summer I spent at MED has been by far the most rewarding. Undergrad and medical school are completely different, and MED armed me with the knowledge, and even more importantly, the time management skills that I needed for excelling at school today. I honestly feel that the selection of teachers at MED has been one of the best I’ve ever to come across; they will care for you and help you succeed from day 1. You seriously can’t go wrong with MED. But let me warn you: this will be a hard summer; you will only feel the rewards after you finish.”

Negmadjanova, Shirin

Shirin Negmadjanova

“I was extremely fortunate and grateful to have this experience. The program gave me an opportunity to experience the condensed and abbreviated version of medical school over the course of 9 weeks. The rigor of the program helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. During those nine weeks, I was forced to get out of my comfort zone, change my study habits, and learn how to balance academics with other life demands; I grew so much both as a student and an individual.

It was humbling to receive all that support and make lifelong friendships with amazing individuals. It’s a life-changing experience. “

Nguyen, Hiep

Hiep Nguyen

“MED not only tested my mental ability, but also how much I sacrificed my personal things and life for medical study and career. MED was my lifetime opportunity and memories. I was so excited and happy on enjoying every minute with my MED 2014 brothers and sisters, TAs, professors, and MED staff while absorbed heavily a fascinated medical knowledge. Eventually, MED planted a seed in my heart for growing the significant characteristics before becoming a doctor.”

Owens, Ivey

Ivey Owens

“I can honestly say that MED is unlike any other program. MED afforded me with an overall experience that I would not have found anywhere else. I was surrounded by such passionate and hardworking pre-meds and pre-dents who all became a part of my family by the end of the program. The MED staff was supportive and had each of our best interests in mind. MED has provided me with unlimited resources that will be helpful on my journey to medical school. You will be in great hands as an MED participant and it will be a summer that you will never forget!”

Roberts, Briana

Briana Roberts

“If you are not at all interested in changing yourself, do not apply to the MED Program. However, if you have the strength to look yourself in the mirror and face your fears of incompetency and ignorance, applying will be the most worthy challenge you’ve faced thus far in life. The lessons and experiences you take away from participating in the MED Program will be both numerous and rewarding. Will you rise to the challenge?”

Shepherd, Aqeila

Aqeila Shepherd

“This was one of the best summers of my life. The MED program is so enriching because every facet of the program is dedicated to and designed for helping students achieve greatness. From the energy and dedication to students that was embedded in the program long ago, down the to the TAs, staff, and academic faculty; everyone is there to help every MEDer succeed…

Anyone who is chosen for MED is a special individual destined for greatness, and when over 80 of these individuals are put in one place for an entire summer, great things happen…and great things happened for the MED class of 2014.”

Wallace, Brandon

Brandon Wallace

“For me, MED was the most challenging and rewarding obstacle I have ever faced in my life. I have learned new limits about myself, and found out that dental school will not be a cake walk. But I now have the tools to help myself become a successful person in life, as well as a successful student. All thanks to the MED program, staff, professors, and my MED Classmates!!”