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The Certificate Program in Cardiovascular Science was established in 2013 to provide UNC Chapel Hill graduate students with a more in-depth academic experience in the field of cardiovascular research. Certificate programs at UNC are offered by academic schools, departments, or curricula and consist of courses and other related experiences in specialized fields. Upon completion of program requirements, certificates are awarded in recognition of competence in a given skill, practice, or field of study. Certificates carry academic credit and are awarded in addition to graduate degrees granted by specific Departments or Curricula.

Participants in the Graduate Certificate Program in Cardiovascular Science will interact with a large number of investigators within UNC’s McAllister Heart Institute (MHI) and will receive training in a variety of settings (classroom, research lab, seminars, symposia). The educational objectives of the program are as follows;

1) To provide students with a broad understanding of cardiovascular development, physiology, pharmacology, and disease.

2) To keep students abreast of recent advancements in cardiovascular research.

3) To provide practical training in cardiovascular research methods.

4) To increase students’ exposure to career and funding opportunities in the cardiovascular field.


6 credit hours from the following

Path 766 – Current topics in Cardiovascular Science (3h) – Mack

Path 767 – Pathobiology of CV disease (3h) – Homeister/Mack

Path 920 – Seminar in Interdisciplinary Vascular Biology (1h) – Mack


3 credit hours from the following (all have significant CV instruction)

Path 713 Pathophysiologic basis of disease – mechanisms of disease – Wolberg/Homeister (3h)

Path 715 Pathophysiologic basis of disease – systemic pathology – Wolberg/Homeister (3h)

CBPH 852 Experimental Physiology of Health and Human Disease – Shea (4.5h)

CBPH 853 Experimental Physiology of Health and Human Disease – Otey (4.5h)

Phco 701 Intro to molecular pharmacology – Wang (3h)

Phco 702 Principles of pharmacology and physiology – Wang (3h)

Biol 624 Developmental genetics – Bautch (3h)


Completion of thesis work (including a successful defense) with an MHI-associated faculty member


Completion of a thesis that contains a significant cardiovascular component as judged by the Certificate Program Faculty Advising Committee (Mack, Mackman, Taylor, Caron)



Attendance at the MHI sponsored cardiovascular seminar series

Participation in the IVB/MHI annual research symposium


To apply, please contact the Program Director, Christopher Mack, for more information

(919) 843-5512