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CongratulationsHannah J. WiednerJimena Giudice, Ph.D.Congratulations to Hannah J. Wiedner, B.Sc., a Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB) graduate student in the Giudice Lab, and Jimena Giudice, Ph.D., a MHI member and Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, for publishing paper, titled “SET domain containing 2 (SETD2) influences metabolism and alternative splicing during myogenesis” in The FEBS Journal.

The work was first-authored by Hannah and revealed how a chromatin-The FEBS Journal modifying enzyme SETD2 contributes to regulation of alternative splicing and metabolism in muscle cells. It will be featured in Volume 289, Issue 15, August 2022 of The FEBS Journal and can be read online now.Genetics and Molecular Biology (GMB)