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Technical Director - Research Associate

Dr. Jason Arnold received his Ph. D. in molecular microbiology/microbial ecology from SUNY at Buffalo in often snow-covered western NY. Thesis work focused on the evolution of microbial pathogens driven by predator-prey interactions between eukaryotic bacterivores and their bacterial prey. Upon receiving the Ph. D. in May 2015, Jason migrated south to UNC Chapel Hill and joined the Microbiome Core Facility as a post-doctoral researcher. Jason’s primary research interest is on better understanding the mechanisms by which the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus enhance health and metabolism of their hosts. By using a genetics/genome editing approach, genes responsible for bacterial metabolism will be investigated. The interactions between host and microbiome will be studied via mouse model, focusing on diet and its role in maintaining a healthy microbial community. Some of Jason’s non-scientific hobbies include keeping and breeding genetic variants of a number of reptile species, competitive gaming, and musical performance.

Dr. Jason Arnold