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Associate Professor of Medicine
7211 Marsico Hall


Research in the Livraghi-Butrico lab focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the derangement of mucus clearance and how its impairment impact other components of the airway mucosal immune system. Over the years, I have a developed a keen interest in using mouse models as a tool to understand the pathogenesis of obstructive lung disease, identify unique targets and test novel therapeutic approaches for translational research. In our lab, these studies nicely complement studies performed in available human specimens or simplified in vitro systems (e.g., primary cultures of airway epithelial cells differentiated at the air-liquid interface). Current research activities in the lab cover three main areas:

  • Mouse models of defective airway mucus clearance are used to study responses to environmental and infectious challenges, to develop models of chronic airway infections, and to test efficiency and pharmacokinetic properties of mucokinetic/mucolytic/gene-editing therapies.
  • Genetically engineered mouse models are used to study the contribution of specific components of the airway mucus clearance system (mucins secretion and assembly, ion, transport, cilia) in determining measurable phenotypes in both naïve and experimentally challenged conditions.
  • Germ-free and specific pathogen-free mice are used to study the influence of age and host microbiota in the composition and function of airway mucus. These studies, funded by a recently awarded NHLBI R01, are complemented by efforts to define the pediatric airway epithelial landscape in healthy humans.

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Marsico Lung Institute/Cystic Fibrosis Center

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Alessandra Livraghi-Butrico