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Associate Professor
9021 Burnett-Womack

  • Flavivirus pathogenesis
    • Immune mechanisms that control Zika virus and other congenital infections
    • Zika virus infection in the female reproductive tract
    • Host genetic determinants of neuroinvasive flavivirus pathogenesis
    • Viral and host mechanisms that control flavivirus infection in the skin
    • Viral determinants of Zika virus replication and pathogenesis
    • No-known-vector flaviviruses
  • IFN-λ mediated antiviral immunity
    • IFN-λ mediated immunity at the maternal-fetal interface
    • IFN-λ mediated immunity in the skin
    • Defining IFN-λ specific antiviral responses
  • Herpes simplex virus pathogenesis
    • IFN-λ mediated control of HSV skin disease
    • Hormonal control of HSV vaginal infection
    • HSV infection and trafficking in neurons

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Helen Lazear