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Students conducting research in the lab at UNAN

UNC has expanded its partnership with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua-León (UNAN) to include the development of a PhD program housed at UNAN. Many M&I faculty, trainees and staff recently participated in the PhD program, including Aravinda de Silva, PhD, Ralph Baric, PhD, Helen Lazear, PhD, Nilu Goonetilleke, PhD, Laura White, PhD, and Maria Abad Fernandez, PhD. This participation includes traveling to Nicaragua, teaching courses, advising students, and potentially hosting UNAN-León students at UNC.

Dr. Lazear will actually be travelling to Nicaragua with Efraín Rivera-Serrano, PhD, in a few weeks to teach the virology module for this program. This module includes guest lecturers, such as Sarah Joseph, PhD, and Timothy Sheahan, PhD (UNC Department of Epidemiology).

An article was recently posted through UNC Vital Signs regarding this partnership and the activities conducted by M&I faculty. For more information about this exciting program, please see