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Suruchi Shrestha (left) and mentor, Sam Lai (right)

Suruchi Shrestha, a doctoral candidate in Sam Lai’s lab, has earned a Predoctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutics from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Foundation. Suruchi’s dissertation topic is “Engineering multimeric sperm-binding IgG antibodies for potent non-hormonal female contraception.” These multimeric IgGs combine the benefits of both IgM and IgGs, namely enhanced agglutination potency yet exceptional bioprocessing ease, and directly enables a new strategy for potent, cost-effective and safe non-hormonal contraception.

The PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship programs provide up to two years of stipend funding to support full-time advanced students who will have completed most of their pre-thesis requirements (at least two years of study) and be engaged in thesis research as PhD candidates by the time the award is activated. This fellowship aims to encourage the entry of well-trained investigators into the pharmaceutics field and support promising students during thesis research.

Please join us in congratulating Suruchi and her mentor, Dr. Lai, on this well-earned accomplishment!