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M&I is one of 14 doctoral programs that are selected by students who have been admitted through one of two interdisciplinary portals: the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) and the MD-PhD program.

On Friday, May 16, eleven PhD students and two MD-PhD joined M&I and embarked on the dissertation phase of their predoctoral training. This transition with a symposium took place on May 16th in 6004 Marsico Hall, this event featured short talks on students’ final rotation projects as well as recognizing awards earned by current students during the past year, and was followed by a “white coat ceremony” for the new students, which ended nicely with a reception to welcome these students.

M&I graduate students are:

Anne Beall (R. Baric lab)
Kara Eichelberger (B. Goldman lab)
Emily Gallichotte (A. de Silva – R. Baric labs)
Gabrielle Grandchamp (B. Shank lab)
Kurt Host (B. Damania lab)
Blanche Letang (K. Abel lab)
Zachary Nash (P. Cotter lab)
Josh Quinn (V. Miller lab)
Laura Rank (M. Braunstein lab)
Collin Smith (M. Su lab)
Sarah Vick (J. Serody lab)
Heather Vincent (N. Moorman lab)
Peter Xu (J. Serody lab)

White Coats

Video Footage