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First year research rotations are done, so it’s time for graduate students to choose both a laboratory and a doctoral program to complete the requirements for their PhD. M&I is one of 14 doctoral programs that are selected by students who have been admitted through one of two interdisciplinary portals: the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) and the MD-PhD program.

Two weeks ago, eight PhD students and two MD-PhD students joined M&I and embarked on the dissertation phase of their predoctoral training. We celebrate this transition each year with a symposium featuring short talks on the students’ final rotation projects, followed by a “White Coat Ceremony” (see picture below), followed by a reception to welcome the new students. About two dozen family members also attended this event, and they heard presentations describing our Department’s graduate program and toured the M&I research space in Marsico Hall.

Here is a list of the incoming M&I graduate students (and the labs they are joining):

Zachary Billman (Miao lab)
Megan Frederick (Miao lab)
Kathleen Furtado (Tamayo lab)
Jenny Loome (Heise lab)
Joe Mitchell (Whitmire lab)
Kelly Olsen (Vincent lab)
Jackson Peterson (Margolis lab)
Devina Thiono (de Silva lab)
Ryan Tuck (De Paris lab)
Mercedes Warren (Tamayo lab)