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Reading Assignment:

Path 464 Class Notes Ch 4-Optics, Ch 7-Lenses, Ch-13 Confocal – section on Magnification, Resolution and Sampling; section on Advantages of CLSM

Diffraction See: Image Formation.pdf

The nature of an edge

The effect of wavelength

The effect of refractive index

The limits of Numerical Aperture See: Numerical Aperture and Resolution.pdf

Wide field versus confocal resolution

  • Resolution in the x/y-axis versus the z-axis
  • Confocal resolution is limited by diffraction

Circumventing the diffraction limit: More on this at the end of the course

  • Super Resolution by Spot Engineering (STED)
  • Super Resolution by Fluorophore Engineering (PALM)
  • Super Resolution by Light Pattern Engineering (structured illumination)

[Zip Package of all Section 2 Documents]