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Author: Robert Bagnell (, Pathology & Lab Med UNC-CH

History: 2011/7/01: First Version

Requires: ImageJ 1.44C or newer

Source: Comet_Assay.txt

Installation: Download Comet_Assay.txt to the plugin folder or the macro folder and restart ImageJ. Placing the macro in the plugins folder, will cause the macro to appear in the plugins menu.

Description: Calculates the tail length, tail moment, and % of DNA in the tail parameters of the Comet Assay and displays the results in the results table. The macro is based on the NIH Image Comet Assay by Herbert M. Miller from 1997. Extensive documentation and instructions are contained in the text of the macro.

Download Comet Assay package as Zip

Instructions for Comet Assay Plugin

These files are provided for use under Open Software License v. 3.0 (OSL-3.0) Downloading or using any of these files constitutes your acceptance of the licensing agreement.