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Author: Robert Bagnell (, Pathology & Lab Med UNC-CH

History: 2010/11/01: First Version

Requires: ImageJ 1.30m or newer


Installation: Download DoRT_Curve_Fit_Bob.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ

Description: This plugin uses the ImageJ built-in curve fitting routines as part of a correction for photo-bleaching in the macro Biosensor_FRET. The plugin is written as a public static class and does three things:

  1. It gets data from the IJ Results Table that have been placed there by the Biosensor_FRET macro. These data are used as the y-axis data. X-axis data are simply the numbers of data points. The plugin plots the data as circles connected with a line.
  2. The y and x data are submitted for curve fitting using a double exponential fit and the fit data are plotted as + marks on the same graph as the raw data.
  3. The fit data is used to make a correction to the original y data. The correction is 1 / y fit value. The corrected values are placed on the Results table in place of the original data where they are accessible to the macro.

This class is called from the IJ macro Biosensor_FRET. The macro uses the “call” function with one argument like this – call(“DoRT_Curve_Fit_Bob.xyValues”, arg1). arg1 is a string and could be the fit type such as EXPONENTIAL, but it is not actually used here as the double exponential is defined inside the plugin.

Download DoRT Curve Fit package as Zip

These files are provided for use under Open Software License v. 3.0 (OSL-3.0) Downloading or using any of these files constitutes your acceptance of the licensing agreement.