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MSL uses a system called iLab for training requests, sample preparation requests, scheduling, and billing.

New user?

How to sign up for iLab and get started.

Existing user?

How to schedule time or request training through the iLab system.


Please respect our policies when using the MSL. They are designed to ensure a good experience for all of our users.

Hours of operation

We are open Mondays 11a-5p and Tuesdays through Friday 8am-5pm, except for University holidays. On Monday mornings we close the lab to perform maintenance and testing of our systems; this facilitates peak performance the rest of the week. Certain qualified MSL users can be granted access to the laboratory outside of normal hours.

A note on staff assistance

We want you to make the most of the time on our microscopes and are always happy to assist. Please come find us if any questions come up during your session. If you think that you will need continued assistance from the staff to use a microscope (it has been a long time since you last came, you are using different fluorophores and need help with settings, etc.), we prefer you let us know in advance so we can schedule a time to help you. The MSL team is usually heavily booked helping users, so by scheduling an assisted session you will ensure we can devote our full attention to you and your research project. Our YouTube tutorials are also a good way to refresh your memory on how to use our microscopes if you are coming back after a long absence.