Please use this page to find information surrounding our current fundraising efforts

This year the Military Medicine Interest Group will be raising funds for Special Ops Survivors. Special Ops Survivors is a non-profit organization which provides individual and group support, as well as direct financial support for the spouses and children of members of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Special Operations commands who sacrificed their lives in defense of our freedom. For more information about Special Ops Survivors and the important work that they do, please visit their website or watch this video.

To show our support and raise funds and awareness) for the Special Ops Survivors community, our group will be completing a Spartan Race at Fort Bragg. A Spartan Race is an obstacle course of varying length with a series of over 20 obstacles including mud, fire, and lots of burpees, which must be completed while covering a 3-5 mile distance. Check out information about our race, or register to join our group at the Spartan race website.

In order to raise funds for worthy causes, Spartan Races partner with everydayhero, a web client which allows web-based awareness and direct fundraising by all members of the group who plan to complete the race, as well as members of the community who wish to support our efforts. For those who wish to financially support this initiative and the wonderful work that Special Ops Survivors is doing every day for families that have made the greatest sacrifice for our great nation.

Thank you for all that supported us in the April 2016 Spartan Race!  We ended up raising over $1000 for a great cause.  Thank you again, pics to follow soon.