Affordable Care Act

North Carolina ACA Update: Looking Toward Year 2, 10/24/14 – Allison Rice, Duke Law School

Affordable Care Act Update – Allison Rice, Duke AIDS Policy Project – January 31, 2014

Insurance Enrollment Passport

This tool is useful for a patient who receives insurance enrollment assistance outside the HIV clinic, from a Navigator, Certified Application Counselor, or insurance broker who may not be familiar with the Ryan White and ADAP program. These enrollment assisters may not realize that a patient who is unable to afford insurance still has a fallback means of obtaining care.

Client Brochure prepared by Duke AIDS Legal Project

Insurance Screener (updated for 2015)

The Insurance Screener is a tool that can be used by clinic staff to get a rough idea of which patients may qualify for ACA insurance subsidies, who is required to have insurance, and who might be exempt. The screener is a starting place and regardless of results, patients should be encouraged to go online to to get an official determination.

Snapshot of 2014 Qualified Health Plans in North Carolina

This is a Google doc (so you will need a Google account to access it) in which the Duke AIDS Legal Project has collected the details of all plans offered in North Carolina, including a comparison of the drug formularies to the ADAP formulary.

The Affordable Care Act resources above were provided by Allison Rice, Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke School of Law and Supervising Attorney for the Duke AIDS Legal Project. Please ( if you have questions not covered by these tools.