HIV Testing

From the CDC MMWR for June 21, 2013:

In April 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force updated its 2005 guidelines on HIV screening, to recommend that clinicians screen all persons aged 15–65 years for HIV infection at least once, regardless of their risk; that younger adolescents and older adults with increased risk also be screened; and that persons with increased risk be screened more frequently (3). These updated recommendations are based on increasing evidence of the benefits of early antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected persons and its effectiveness in preventing HIV transmission.

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NC State Testing Guidelines

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4th Generation Testing Information

CDC MMWR: Detection of Acute HIV Infection in Two Evaluations of a New HIV Diagnostic Testing Algorithm, United States, 2011-2013: June 21, 2013

North Carolina Testing Statistics and Demographics

2012 HIV/STD Surveillance Report, Communicable Disease Branch, DHHS