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What is NC-PAL?

NC MATTERS uses the NC Psychiatry Access Line to provide free real-time telephone consultation services to health care providers serving pregnant and postpartum patients. This allows providers to discuss case-specific questions with a perinatal mental health expert, building their capacity to treat the behavioral health needs of their patients.

The consultation service is offered to health care providers and professionals only. Please do not direct your patients to call the consultation line.

Providers who call the line will speak with one of our care coordinators. Our care coordinators are licensed clinical social workers who gather information about the nature of the call and the patient, respond to questions within the scope of their expertise, and provide resources and referrals. If the provider needs to speak with a perinatal psychiatrist, they will receive a call back within 30 minutes. NC MATTERS psychiatric providers can assist with diagnostic clarification, medication questions, and developing appropriate care plans.

Please note that NC-PAL is not a crisis/emergency line. If you are in need of behavioral health crisis services for your patient, please call your Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organization crisis line or 911.