To learn more about enrolling your clinic in our telepsychiatry services, please email

Currently, we are only accepting patients referred through NC-PAL. 

Our telepsychiatry clinic aims to increase access to specialty psychiatric care for pregnant and postpartum patients and support primary care providers in management of their patients. First, our care coordinators will work to connect your patients with appropriate local resources. If your patients are unable to access the appropriate level of care locally, we can assist you in management through telepsychiatry services including assessments and/or psychiatric care during pregnancy and through one year postpartum.

Patients receiving telepsychiatry services will attend the appointment at their primary care clinic and securely connect to a board certified perinatal mental health specialist from UNC’s Center for Women’s Mood Disorders.¬†Primary care clinics are required to meet with MATTERS staff prior to initiation of services to ensure connectivity and other components are in place for successful delivery of services.