Pierre Morell Research Day

What is Pierre Morell Research Day?

Pierre Morell Research Day (PMRD) was established in 2004 to honor the memory of Dr. Pierre Morell (1941-2003). Dr. Morell was the director of the Neurobiology Curriculum from 1978-1988 and was integral to the growth and prestige the program has achieved.  Pierre Morell Research Day is an entirely student run event that allows all current students in the Neurobiology Curriculum to showcase their most recent work.  Additionally, the students nominate and vote on the invited speaker, allowing us to hear the research, we think is most exciting each year. PMRD includes a seminar, lunch,  poster session, and student speakers.  Current PMRD Committee Student Representatives are Andrew Crowther, Jessica Bullins, Jennifer Ocasio, Katie Veleta, Charles Zhou, Heather Decot, and Veronica Murphy. For more information on past PMRDs...

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Pierre Morell