Fall 2015 Thursday Seminar Series



Sept 8

Neuroscience Center/CIDD Seminar, Oliver Smithies, MA, DPhil

Oliver Smithies

Joint with CIDD


Where do ideas come from?

Sept 24

Thursday Seminar Series, Bryan Roth, MD, PhD

Bryan Roth


Illuminating a subterranean chemical (neuro)biology

Oct 1

Thursday Seminar Series, Andreas Burkhalter

Andreas Burkhalter



Modular organization of mouse visual cortex

Oct 8

Neuroscience Symposium

Joseph GleesonJoseph Gleeson (Rockefeller)




Yang DanYang Dan (UC-Berkeley)




Alcino SilvaAlcino Silva (UCLA)


Treating the Untreatable: Lessons from Neurodevelopmental Disabilities



Neural circuits controlling sleep



Molecular, cellular and circuit allocation mechanisms that connect memories across time

Oct 13

Neuroscience Center/CIDD Seminar-Andrew Zimmerman, MD

Andrew Zimmerman

Joint wit CIDD

Sulforaphane treatment in autism: Clues to cellular mechanisms?

Oct 22

Thursday Seminar Series, Stephanie Gupton, PhD

Stephanie Gupton

Oct 29

Thursday Seminar Series, Michael McConnell, PhD

Michael McConnell

Nov 5

Thursday Seminar Series, Shawn Hingtgen, PhD

Shawn D Hingtgen

Nov 12

Thursday Seminar Series, Vance Lemmon, PhD

Vance Lemmon


Nov 19

Thursday Seminar Series, Gabe Murphy, PhD

Gabe Murphy

Dec 3

Thursday Seminar Series, Rita Balice-Gordon, PhD

Rita Balice-Gordon

Dec 10 Thursday Seminar Series, Chenghua Gu, PhDChenghua Gu