Spring 2015 Thursday Seminar Series

Jan 8

Mike Ehlers, Pfizer

Ubiquitination and Membrane Trafficking for Postsynaptic Plasticity
Jan 15

Chris Cowan, Harvard

Joint with CIDD

Transcriptional regulation of synapse number and reward in addiction and autism
Jan 22

Jeff Magee, Janelia

Jan 29

Ronald Swanstrom, UNC

HIV On the Brain - When Does It Happen and How Can You Tell?

Feb 5 Ian Shih, UNC Small Animal MRI in Neuroscience Research
Feb 10

John Gilmore, UNC

Joint with CIDD

Feb 19

Andreas Burkhalter, WUSTL

Joint with CBP

Modularity in the organization of mouse visual cortex
Feb 26

Barry William Connors, Brown

Joint with CBP

How the cortex controls the thalamus
Mar 5

Yasmine Hurd, MSinai

NBio Student Invited

Mar 19

Jonathan Kipnis, UVA

Joint with CIDD

Immunological Players in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Mar 26

Charles Schroeder, Columbia University

April 9

Kay Tye, MIT

NBio Student Invited

April 14

Mike Jarstfer, UNC

Joint with CIDD

Apr 23

Carol Mason, Columbia

NBio Student Invited

Apr 30

 Gordon Fischell, NYU

NBio Student Invited

May 4

Bettina Winckler, UVA

Joint with CBP

May 14

15th Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize Award Ceremony


May 21


Vladimir Ghukasyan, UNC Neuroscience Imaging Core

Jeremy Simon, UNC Neuroscience Bioinformatics Core