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  • Resident – Child Neurology Residency Program

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (MS Biomedical Sciences)
University of Delaware (Biology)

Since moving to North Carolina, I knew UNC is where I wanted to be. The mission of the program and the resident morale is an environment I found comforting. My labor of love includes years dedicated to the education of minority students interested in STEM and it is a commitment I hope to continue within the UNC medical school. UNC is a place that I pictured offering me a foundation to advance my mentorship, as a resident, with the medical students. Becoming a resident at UNC to me meant great training, varied patient population, local family support, and a sense of inclusion from fellow residents and faculty.

Fun Fact(s):
I love to bake cakes for events, love all forms of art especially photography and oil painting. I also love to run. In my spare time, I run after my toddler!