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  • Resident – Adult Neurology Residency Program

Hometown: Born and raised in Kutaisi, currently living in Tbilisi

Medical School: Tbilisi Stat Medical University, Republic of Georgia

Area of Interest in Neurology: Every field of neurology deeply fascinates me!! I think my years in residency will determine which direction I’ll go in. Currently open to possibilities.

Hobbies: Watching documentaries about cosmos, animal kingdom and psychology; Exploring new places, local people and culture; Spending time outdoors with my friends and petting animals whenever possible. I adore dogs!! I also love to watch my favorite TV-series like Friends and The Office in my free time.

Why I Chose UNC: People were so welcoming, friendly and warm during my interview day that I instantly fell in love! Besides, the opportunities, training and experiences offered by the program are beyond great!

Rusudani Goletiani, MD