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UNC Hospitals serves as one of the National Neurofibromatosis Comprehensive Clinics for the diagnosis and care of children and adults with neurofibromatosis. The clinic has available specialists in genetics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, dermatology, oncology, radiology, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery to provide special care for persons affected by neurofibromatosis.

The neurofibromatosis program at UNC has a long history of significant contributions to the diagnosis and care of those afflicted with the disease. The first diagnostic genetic test was developed at UNC. The neurofibromatosis program conducts research studies to help bring a better understanding of the disease and improved methods to diagnosis and treat patients.

Additional neurocutaneous disorders are also evaluated and treated in the clinic, including tuberous sclerosis, Sturge-Weber, ataxia telangectasia, incontinentia pigmentae, linear sebaceous nevus syndrome and others.