The cost of memory testing depends on many different factors, including how much Medicare or your private insurance is willing to pay, the type of practice you go to, what type of tests they run, and how much the doctor charges.

Universities are usually more expensive than private centers, but they are also very likely to have their clinics run by trainees who accept a lower fee.

Dementia specialists charge more for their services than general practitioners, but they are also willing to order more tests and prescribe more medications (which would be additional up-front charges elsewhere).

Not all healthcare providers accept the same types of insurance. Make sure you contact the institution and inquire about their insurance policies before you schedule an appointment.

If you are a patient age 65 or older and use Medicare, check out the search tool at the Medicare website You can find doctors in your area that accept Medicare. Under specialty/subspecialty, type in neurology/neuropsychiatry or psychiatry/geriatric psychiatry.