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In order to support the best outcomes for quality of life for people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the UNC Movement Disorders Center has partnered with allied health therapists and others who specialize in Parkinson’s to create an interdisciplinary team.

The UNC Interdisciplinary Parkinson’s Disease Clinic is a half-day clinic that provides individualized evaluations from five clinicians including a movement disorders specialist/neurologist, a clinical social worker, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist. The team provides patients with comprehensive notes on their condition and performance, and then works with them to provide any necessary referrals and other resource connections.

Clinic Consultations

A visit to the clinic is a one-time consultation. If you live locally, you are welcome to return to see any of our therapists or return for a full evaluation after a year or two for comparison. We are happy to work with your referring primary care physician or neurologist in order to provide you with the best care possible.

As a patient-centered clinic, we will provide thorough information on treatment options and recommendations, but it is up to the individual and family to decide upon what to pursue. We are available to provide assistance if and when you choose to follow-up with a treatment.

This clinic is most appropriate if:

  • You are functioning well and/or more newly diagnosed, but you would like some baseline measurements taken and would like to receive information and exercises to help maintain functioning over time;
  • Physical, cognitive and/or mood symptoms of your Parkinson’s disease are interfering with your work and leisure activities or general quality of life;
  • You have never been seen by any rehabilitative therapists or it has been a long time since you did rehab therapies;
  • Your current treatment plan is not working or you have complications from medical therapy;
  • You or your family need advice and counseling on coping with Parkinson’s disease;
  • Cognitive and behavioral problems (i.e., depression and anxiety) are interfering with your activities of daily living.
  • Note: this clinic is not meant for people seeking a diagnosis.
Clinic Appointments

The Parkinson’s Clinic is held from 8 am – 12 pm, usually on the third Wednesday of the month. Learn what to expect during an appointment and how the cost of the visit may be determined.

In order to schedule an appointment, we must receive a referral from a neurologist or primary care physician (PCP). (Note: For PCP referrals, we ask that neurology notes be sent as well.) If you are a physician and would like to refer a patient, please use this referral form. Please fax the referral form along with demographic and insurance information and recent neurology/relevant notes to (984) 974-2285, ATTN: Maggie Ivancic. All patients referred to this specialty clinic will be screened first.

Please direct any questions about the Interdisciplinary Parkinson Disease Clinic to the Center Coordinator, Maggie Ivancic, MSW, LCSW, at (919)-843-2777 or

Interdisciplinary Clinic Model