AAN 2012 Course, Session, Abstract Summary

A brief summary of courses, abstracts and session chairing done by members of the UNC-CH Department of Neurology

William J. Powers, MD -


Daniel I. Kaufer, MD -

  • AAN Course Director and Faculty, "Case Studies in Behavioral Neurology"


Ana Felix, MD -

  • Co-Chair - Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Intracerebral Hemorrhage session


Brittany Chapman, MD -

  • AAN Course - Neurologic Complication in Pregnancy
  • AAN Course - Emergiing Techniques and Directions in Epilepsy
  • AAN Course - Neurologic Complications of Medical Disease


Xin Zhang, PhD -

  • AAN Poster Presentation - Immunology outcome measures of the CAREMS II Alemtuzumab clinical trial and the in vitro data on the medication's mechanisms of action.  Phase III clinical trial data. msaan2012thumb


Eric Lee, DO


Heidi L. Roth, MD

  • Chair of the history section at the AAN
  • Specializes in the history of cognitive neurology, and recently interviewed Brenda Milner for the American Academy of Neurology Oral Archive.  As chair she oversees several projects spearheaded by the AAN history section, including preservation of books that can be donated to the Becker Library at Washington University in the AAN collection, the Oral Archive project in which leaders in the field of neurology and neuroscience are interviewed and these oral interviews will be made available to interested public and historians, educational courses at the AAN annual meeting that pertain to neurological history, and the awards that are given to encourage scholarship in the area of history and neurology.  She is currently completing a chapter on the history of behavioral and cognitive neurology and its relevance to neurology and neuroscience today.