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Jorge L. Almodóvar-Suárez, MD
Jorge L. Almodóvar-Suárez, MD

Dear colleagues!

With the support of Dr. Garden, our department will start a Neurology Wellness Mini Grant Program.

The goals are:

  • To innovate in the field of employee wellness;
  • To give faculty and staff the opportunity to design and produce wellness activities that match their needs and interests;
  • To promote relationships amongst our faculty and staff;
  • To have fun.

The Faculty Satisfaction Committee will be tasked with the process of setting up the process of grant applications and approval of awards.

We would expect these activities need to be done following COVID-safe regulations and university policies (i.e., no alcohol). Activities should promote social interactions, healthy activities, physical activity, etc.

Among examples:

  • A group of 20 people pick a book to read and have monthly zoom meetings to discuss in a book club format. Non work. A fun book. The department provides $250 to subsidize the purchase of the books for the club members.
  • A group of hikers wants to walk a trail early in the morning and then go for coffee and drink it outside, following COVID restrictions. The department provides $100 to buy coffee for the group.
  • The department provides $100 to buy several bags of coffee beans and have make-your-own coffee Zoom sessions.
  • People interesting in astronomy contract a graduate student or faculty member from the college to have a night constellations crash course in a local park. The department provides a subsidy to pay this person for their expertise.
  • A group decides to do a steps challenge or a meditation challenge. The department pays for the appropriate apps.
  • A group asks for a yoga instructor to do a group morning class. The grant pays for the instructor for an hour.
  • A visit to one of the art museums includes a tour by the curator.

The possibilities are endless, and can be done in small groups where people have similar interests.

More details soon!