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Learn about important appointment information and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Patients to UNC Neurology

We are proud to offer cutting-edge, outpatient services at our clinic locations in the Chapel Hill area. Our specialty and subspecialty-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants work diligently in teams together with your primary care physician to provide a thorough evaluation and individualized treatment plan for you or your loved one.

How to request a referral

In order to help expedite scheduling, please have your provider send in a referral with your updated contact and insurance information.

  • Fax referrals to:
    • Adult Neurology Clinic: 984-974-2285
      • Neuro-Oncology Clinic (Neurology): 984-974-8613
    • Child Neurology Clinic: 984-974-5437
    • Procedure requests: 984-974-1667
      • EMG
      • EEG
      • Visual evoked potential
      • Somatosensory evoked potential
    • Sleep study/polysomnography: 984-974-1668

NOTE: Due to limited staffing and other considerations, we are currently unable to provide services for the following conditions: low back pain, primary psychiatric disorders, traumatic brain injury, and fibromyalgia.

Expediting Scheduling

If your patient has undergone any of the below studies/evaluations, please provide us with a copy of those reports should you have a copy. Otherwise, please encourage your patients to acquire and bring them to their visit with us.

  • MRIs
  • CT scans
  • Laboratory and genetic testing
  • EMG
  • EEG
  • Sleep studies
  • Other neurodiagnostic testing
  • Visit notes
  • Procedure notes (e.g. lumbar puncture, and injections)