Building Map
The Neuroscience Research Building is located at 115 Mason Farm Road between the Molecular Biological Research Building and the Thurston Bowles Building. It houses the UNC Neuroscience Center, the offices of the Curriculum in Neurobiology, neuroscientists in the Ophthalmology and Psychiatry Departments, neuroscientists in the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, and neuroscientists in the Neurology Department.

3rd Floor – Neuroscience & Neurobiology Administration

Sausyty Hermreck 3105 Business Manager
Denise Kenney 3106 Student Services Manager
Kaylie Orlan 3107 Assistant Grants Manager
Jennifer Moore 3108 Account Manager

4th Floor – Ophthalmology & Psychiatry

Dr. Terete Borrás 4109C Professor
Dr. Flavio Frohlich 4019F Associate Professor

5th Floor – Cell Biology & Physiology

Dr. Mark Zylka 5109D Director & Professor
Dr. Ben Philpot 5109E Director & Professor
Dr. Jeremy Simon 5109F Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Travis Ptacek 5109 Bioinformatician

6th Floor – Neurology

Dr. Todd Cohen 6109A Assistant Professor
Dr. Ryan Miller 6109B Associate Professor
Dr. Paul Carney 6019C Professor
Dr. Tim Gershon 6109E Assistant Professor
Dr. Rick Meeker 6109F Research Professor

7th Floor – Neuroscience Center

Dr. Hyejung Won 7109A Assistant Professor
Dr. Eva Anton 7109B Professor
Dr. Glenn Matsushima 7109D Professor
Dr. Mohanish Deshmukh 7109E Professor
Dr. Michelle Itano 7109F Director, Microscopy Core

8th Floor – Neuroscience Center

Dr. Jay Brenman 8109A Professor
Dr. Hiroyuki Kato 8109B Assistant Professor
Dr. Jason Stein 8109C Assistant Professor
Dr. William Snider 8109D Professor & Founding Director