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Acknowledging the Microscopy Core

Please note that we require citing the facility in the acknowledgments section of any publication which has results obtained with the microscopes in the Neuroscience Microscopy Core. This is very helpful as we work to maintain funding sources for the facility.  We suggest using the following language for this acknowledgement:

Microscopy was performed at the UNC Neuroscience Microscopy Core (RRID:SCR_019060), supported, in part, by funding from the NIH-NINDS Neuroscience Center Support Grant P30 NS045892 and the NIH-NICHD Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center Support Grant P50 HD103573.

Methods Assistance

If needed, we can also help with describing the imaging for the Materials and Methods section of your paper.  We would be very grateful to be informed of any publication printed with images taken in our facility. If you have any questions or publications to inform us of, please contact us at