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One morning this summer, Mr. Sowers woke up to the room spinning with an indescribable headache. A week before this episode, Mr. Sowers had developed an extreme fear of going down the stairs—something that he had never experienced beforehand. With these confusing symptoms, Mr. Sowers called a few friends, and they drove him up to the regional hospital in Pinehurst where he received a CT scan. The doctor told him that he had a brain tumor and would be sent to UNC Hospital. Once meeting Dr. Carolyn Quinsey in the ICU, they scheduled the procedure for a week later on June 21st. The next Monday afternoon, he woke up in the ICU, already communicating with friends and family on the phone from the hospital bed. Mr. Sowers was able to go home two days later.

When reflecting on his time in the ICU, Mr. Sowers said the nursing staff was amazing. He recalls one particular male nurse who had a great sense of humor that made him feel comfortable and relaxed on his first night. Following the procedure, he said that the nurses never made him feel like a burden, but rather were eager to assist him with any need he may have. He stated that they were incredibly helpful and accommodating—they even ordered him an Uber to drive the two and a half hours back to Rockingham, North Carolina. Mr. Sowers said that he felt like he was in a hotel rather than a hospital.

Mr. Sowers also appreciated the care he received from Dr. Quinsey, noting her incredible bedside manner and the way she always made herself readily available, before and after surgery. He recalled that she was great at preparing him for what he would feel during recovery, assuring him that these things are normal and part of the process. Mr. Sowers also appreciated Dr. Quinsey’s attention to detail, as she made the effort to make the incision as cosmetic as possible. He stated that every person on Dr. Quinsey’s team was incredible. Overall, Mr. Sowers had a very positive experience at UNC and is grateful for everyone that made an often stressful experience more enjoyable.