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Division Chief of Neuro Oncology at UNC Health, Dr. Soma Sengupta, and Director of Neurosurgical Oncology, Dr. Dominique HigginsDr. Dominique Higgins and Dr. Soma Sengupta with a brain tumor survivor on Capitol Hill , attended the National Brain Tumor Society’s (NBTS) annual Head to the Hill event to lobby for support of crucial brain tumor research.

NBTS hosts the Head to the Hill event every May, Brain Tumor Awareness Month, with the goal of helping policymakers better understand the urgent, unmet needs of the brain tumor community and build support for the policies that are vital to ensuring availability of treatments, increased scientific research, and the discovery of a cure. Dr. Sengupta and Dr. Higgins joined patients, families, members of the Society for Neuro-Oncology, and other health care professionals in advocating for support of brain tumor research and treatment.

Dr. Soma Sengupta talking with brain tumor survivor.Dr. Sengupta’s research focuses on the management and treatment of glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor in adults. “In May, brain cancer awareness month, it is essential to head to the Hill with the National Brain Tumor Society in honor of patients and their families from NC and other states to advocate for more research funding so that we can improve future outcomes by having better treatment options,” said Dr. Sengupta.

Dr. Higgins’s research focuses on the treatment of malignant brain tumors, including glioblastoma. “This was an amazing opportunity where brain tumor survivors, family members, and health care professionals can connect with members of congress to share their stories and impact change,” said Dr. Higgins.

About the National Brain Tumor Society:

The National Brain Tumor Society is committed to defeating brain tumors and improving the quality of patients’ lives. NBTS drives a multi-faceted and thoughtful approach to aggressively influence and fund strategic research, as well as advocate for public policy changes, in order to achieve the greatest impact.

About brain tumor research at UNC Health:

The University of North Carolina has a robust brain tumor research program. Well over a dozen labs in the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center explore the diagnosis and novel treatment of brain tumors. Immunotherapy and cellular therapy are actively being investigated both in the laboratory setting and clinical trials.

Dr. Sengupta and Dr. Higgins meeting with lawmakers alongside other health care professionals

Dr. Soma Sengupta with members of the Society for Neuro Oncology.

Dr. Higgins and Dr. Sengupta walking to Capitol Hill.

Dr. Sengupta and Dr. Higgins on Capitol Hill