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Dr. Soma Sengupta has been selected as Associate Editor of the neurology section of Clinical Medicine, a journal of the RoyalDr. Soma Sengupta College of Physicians (RCP).

Clinical Medicine aims to improve readers’ clinical practice by publishing original research, guideline summaries, and clinically focused reviews. Dr. Sengupta will co-manage the neurology section of the journal. Clinical Medicine is based in the United Kingdom, where Dr. Sengupta spent half of her childhood. Dr. Sengupta also completed some of her medical training at the University of Cambridge.

In her role as associate editor, Dr. Sengupta will have the opportunity to review ongoing research in the field of neurology and select publications that can improve how physicians care for patients with neurological diseases. “I consider it an honor to be able to be part of a flagship journal that is affiliated with the Royal College of Physicians (UK), as it is important to integrate clinical neurology in Clinical Medicine,” said Dr. Sengupta.

Dr. Sengupta is a board-certified neurologist, and a fellowship-trained and sub-specialty board-certified neuro-oncologist. She is also a physician-scientist and clinical trialist specializing in brain tumor treatment and research with over 80 publications on clinical trials, case reports, lab-based research, and healthcare policy. Her primary area of lab-based research looks to improve patient outcomes for brain tumor patients.

About Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine is a journal that assists the Royal College of Physicians in supporting a wide range of specialties through a dedicated continuing medical education section, which presents the latest advances in a chosen specialty. The journal has a key role is helping to maintain general medical knowledge, while presenting service information to help learn from specialist colleagues in different disciplines.