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Dr. Soma Sengupta, Division Chief of Neuro-Oncology at UNC Health at Chapel Hill was selected as co-chair of the AANS/CNSDr. Soma Sengupta, division chief of neuro-oncology at UNC Health Section on Tumors and Medical Neuro-Oncology subcommittee.

In her new role, Dr. Sengupta will report important updates on medical neuro-oncology to the Section on Tumors membership, including clinical trials, unique drug approvals, and opportunities for membership to be involved with the neuro-oncology community. Dr. Sengupta is the first neuro oncologist from UNC Health to serve as co-chair. “I feel privileged to collaborate closely with brain tumor neurosurgeons nationally and internationally,” said Dr. Sengupta.

The Joint Section on Tumors was the first professional organization devoted to the study and treatment of brain tumors. Its initial goals were to assist in the education of neurosurgeons in neuro-oncology and to serve as a resource to the AANS and CNS, and other national groups on the clinical treatment of and research into nervous system tumors.

Dr. Sengupta is a board-certified neurologist, and a fellowship-trained and sub-specialty board-certified neuro-oncologist. She is also a physician-scientist and clinical trialist specializing in brain tumor treatment and research with over 80 publications on clinical trials, case reports, lab-based research, and healthcare policy. Her primary area of lab-based research looks to improve patient outcomes for brain tumor patients.