Good News for the Week

December 3, 2012 -- Robotic Surgery Simulator Purchased for New State-of-the-art Laboratory; Dr. David Reardon Lectures at UNC Neurosurgery Conference

Robotic Surgery Simulator Purchased for New State-of-the-art Laboratory:

Through the collaboration of multiple departments, UNC has purchased a freestanding Robotic Surgery Simulator dV Trainer by Mimic Technologies Inc.  This Robotic Simulator will be housed in the new Surgical Skills Lab – located in Suite 3100 Thurston Bowles Building. The fact that the simulator will be located outside of the OR and freestanding from the dual console should make scheduling and access much more feasible for everyone.  It has over 40 exercises of various skill levels and is customizable for each user and/or specialty. In addition to using the Robotic Simulator in future surgeries, it should be beneficial simulation training for residents.

The Robotic Simulator, which was purchased by a shared effort lead by the UNC Department of ENT, including multiple departments, the Cancer Center, and UNC Hospitals, is ready for use in the simulation section of the North Carolina Eye Bank Surgical Skills Laboratory.

A Field Engineer from Mimic Technologies will be on-site December 6 (from noon to 4:00pm) and December 7 (from 8:00am to 2:00pm) for installation and user training.  Please make room in your schedules on either of those days to stop by and get familiar with the system. Training sessions are expected to last between 30 and 60 minutes. For more information, contact Lab Manager Matt Pillsbury.

Surgical Skills Lab-During Construction
View of lab during construction phase
Surgical Skills Lab-During Construction 2
View of lab during construction phase



Reardon, David
Dr. David A. Reardon

Dr. David Reardon Lectures at UNC Neurosurgery Conference:

Guest speaker David A. Reardon, MD, delivered a riveting lecture at the UNC Department of Neurosurgery’s Brain Tumor Translational Research Conference on November 30.  Dr. Reardon, Clinical Director of the Center for NeuroOncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, presented to the NeuroOncology Community on the "The role of antiangiogenic therapy in glioblastomas."  Attendance was high, the crowd was engaged, and the talk was outstanding.  Special thanks go to Dr. Jing Wu for inviting and hosting Dr. Reardon and to Yolanda Merced-Graves for her diligent work organizing the event and spreading the word.  With such active participation throughout the UNC Cancer Program, the Department is thrilled to continue inviting other national thought leaders.