Good News for the Week

September 28, 2012 -- BCBS Blue Distinction Award for Spine; O-arm® Surgical Imaging System; Stryker Navigation System

  • BCBS Blue Distinction Award for Spine: We received word this week that BlueCross BlueShield renewed our BCBS Blue Distinction Award for Spine.  This award is given to medical facilities that have demonstrated expertise in delivering quality healthcare.  The designation is based on rigorous, evidence-based selection criteria with the goal of helping our patients find quality specialty care on a regular basis.  The innovative work that is being done to build the area's first true multidisciplinary spine center is something we should all be proud of.  We would like to thank and congratulate everyone who helped to achieve this.


  • O-arm O-arm® Surgical Imaging System: Thanks in huge part to Dr. Richard W. Murrow, Medtronic expedited delivery of our brand new O-arm! The O-arm® Surgical Imaging System is a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform that is optimized for use in spine, orthopaedic, and trauma-related surgeries. In addition, our functional team will be using it to help in DBS surgery.  It provides real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient's anatomy with high-quality images and a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions.  This great new piece of equipment will increase safety for both OR staff and patients by reducing X-ray exposure and will provide precise image quality for viewing any part of the patient's skeletal anatomy.   Dr. Deb A. Bhowmick has a rich experience in using the O-arm from his time at the Cleveland Clinic, so he will have the lead in getting everyone on board with its spine applications.


  • Stryker Navigation System: Progress in image-guidance and minimally invasive surgery was also made by our Pinehurst colleagues. Dr. Charles S. Haworth and the team there performed the first image-guided spine surgery case at FirstHealth using their new Stryker Navigation system.  The patient is doing well, and we anticipate rapid implementation of this technology by our entire Pinehurst UNC faculty.