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Around three years ago, Ms. Godley had a pituitary tumor removed by Dr. Quinsey and Dr. Thorp, a surgeon from UNC’s Department of Otolaryngology. She had noticed that her wedding ring and shoes were fitting a bit tighter, common symptom of acromegaly. She also felt some dizziness getting in and out of bed. Though she noticed these slight changes, she was quite shocked to find out that she had a pituitary tumor that needed to be surgically removed.

Pituitary Tumor Treatment - UNC Health

When reflecting on her time in the hospital, Ms. Godley said that she was very appreciative of how attentive the nurses and staff were. She was very grateful of the care that she received from the entire hospital staff and for everyone who made her experience more enjoyable.

Since in recovery, Ms. Godley spends most days with her husband and family. She loves to spend the day babysitting her grandchildren and enjoying the nice weather with long walks outside. She is grateful for all that the UNC Hospital staff has done for her over the years.

Pituitary Tumor patient at UNC Health - UNC Neurosurgery
Ms. Godley (center) with her family.